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Calhoun Family 


South Carolina 


A. S. SALLEY, Jr. 

ssaHONOD JO AHvaan 


C/ ., 



r; Ja '07 


By a. S. Salley, Jr. 

The earliest authentic records we have of the presence in 
America of the four founders of the Calhoun family of South 
Oarolina, James, Ezekiel, William, and Patrick, are to be 
-bund at Staunton, Virginia, among the records of Augusta 
Oonnty, which about the middle of the eighteenth century 
3rti braced a great part of western Virginia. 

On September 19, 1746, James Patton complained that 
Fa Ties, Ezekiel, William and Patrick Col boon were di\7.ilgers 
)f false news to the great detriment of the inhabitants of the 
jolony and it was ordered that they be committed for the 
'November Court. ^ 

'l^Avember 19, 1746, George, Ezekiel, William, and Patrick 
Ihoon were appointed workers on a road from Reed Creek 
Eagle Bottom and thence to the top of the ridge that parts 
3 waters of New River and those of the' south fork of 
Jioanoke. James Colhoon was appointed overseer.^ May 
, 1747, James Cohoon was appointed a constable on Roan- 
e. Thomas CohoSn received a similar appointment. ^ 
March 25, 1748, a tract' of 335 acres of land on Reed 
ebk was surveyed for William Calhoun as part of land 'of 

ilrfli^ Patton, Robert Slaughter, &c., in accordance with 
ijder of Council to take up 100,000 acres.* 
March 5, 1749, a tract of 159 acres of land was surveyed 

V Patrick Calhoun on the waters of Reed Creek, "near to 

here he lives" — part of same order of Council. ^ 
^\ pril 3, 17^9, a tract of 610 acres on Reed Creek, part of 
l)0ve order of Council, was surveyed for James Calhoun. ^ 

I -Augusta County County Court Records, Order Book I., p. 113. 
' Augusta County County Court Records, Order Book I., p. 129. 

Ibid, p. 198. 

Ibid, Sui-veyor's book I., p. 34. 

Ibid, p. 47. 

Ibid, p. 46. 



May 23, 1750, a road was ordered from Ezekiel Calhoun g 
to Wood's Eiver [New River].'' 

November 29, 1760, James Calhoun qualified as captain 
of a troop of horse. 

March 7, 1^50/51, a tract of 594 acres on a branch of the 
place called the Cove was surveyed for James Calhouii in 
accordance with the aforcvsaid order of Council.^ '^M^ ^ 

June 3, 1752, John Vance sold to Robert Miller a tra©P)f 
land in Augusta Connty, on William Calhoun's Meadow 
Run, a branch of Reed Creek. A document of 1794 recites 
that John Vance was then dead and that Jacob Vance,, jfeis 
heir-at-law, lived in the forks of Saluda River, South Omo^' 

August 20, 1752, James Cohoon was appointed one of tfe>i 
appraisers of Jacob Goodman's estate.'" flPI''^ 

November 16, 1752, James Cahoun and Mary Noble qualii 
fied as executor and executrix of John Noble's estate witR 
William and Patrick Cohoun as securities." !,;>-: 

November 21, 1752, in the suit of James Patton vs Jame 
Cohoon the jurors returned into Court unable to agree an 
asked to be discharged, having been four days in retirement, 
but the plaintiff's counsel objected and the}' were ordered 
to consider further and if they could not agree then to re' 
turn next court.^^ 

November 20, 1752, James Cohoon was bound to keej 
the peace towards James McCall.^^ ; 

March 22, 1753, the jury impanelled in the cause of PattbiJ 
vs James Cohoon and unable to agree at last term beih^'; 
called, and John Smith, one of them, not being present^i%a^; 
fined Defendant's attorney moved the Court to disibls^j 
the jury and impannel a new one but the plaintiff in persoi;!! 

''Augusta Co. Co. Court records, Order Book III., p. 371. \ 

«Ibid, p. 501. 

='Ibid, Surveyor's Book I., p. 46. 

^"Augusta Co. Co. Court records, Order Book II., p. 315. 

11 Ibid, Will book I., p. 464. 

i-Ibid, Order Book II., p. 404. 

i = Ibid, p. 388, 



objected and the Court was of the opinion that the cause be 
continued and the same jury try the issue." 

May 22, 17-53, the jurors in the cause of Patton vs Cal- 
houn failed to appear and were sunamoned to the next 

Auajust 18, 1753, a mandamus was issued from the Gen- 
eral Court to the County Court of Augusta requiring it to 
dismiss the jury in the cause of Patton vs James Calhoun, 
which was doi\e and the case continued." 

April 8, 1754, sixty-four acres of land on the head waters 
of. Hay's Creek, a branch of James River, were surveyed 
for James Calhoun." 

May, 1754, James Patton vs James Cohoon, Slander: 
Cohoon said, in 1750, that Patton had made over all of his 
estate to his children to defraud his creditors and that he 
had no title to the lands he ottered for sale on Koanoke and 
New rivers. Mandamus from the General Court to dis- 
charge the jury from rendering a verdict.^* 

May 20, 1754, the cause of Patton vs Calhoun was sub- 
mitted to arbitration. Patton had obligated himself to de- 
liver two patents for land to Calhoun at a time when there 
was no fee to the Governor for signing the patents. Before 
the patents were obtained by Patton a law was enacted 
giving the Governor a fee. Patton charged this to Calhoun. 
The ?,ward was that each pay the fee for one patent.'* 

In 1756 James, Ezekiel, William and Patrick Calhoun 
and their sister, Mrs. Mary Noble, widow of John JSToble,. 
and their mother, Mrs. Catherine Calhoun, removed to Soutli 
Carolina, arriving, according to a lettef written by John C 
Calhoun^, a son of Patrick, in February. They settled on 
Long Cane Creek, Prince William's Parish, Granville 

i^Ibid, p. 420. 

IS Ibid, p. 499. 

i^Ibid, Order Book IV., p. 62. 

^•Ibid, Surveyor's Book I., p. 75. 

^*Ibid, County Court Judgments. 

i^Ibid, Order Book, IV., p. 251. 

~»T/ie Gulf Slates Historical Magazine, Vol. I (1903), 


County, where they took up lands. Jnly 18, 1756, 400 acres 
Avere surveyed out to William, who subsequently received 
other grants; I^ovember 7, 1756, two hundred acres were 
surve3'ed out to Patrick, who subsequently received other 
grants; July 11, 1758, 350 acres were surveyed out to Eze- 
kiel, who subsequently received other grants; and August 
11, 1758, 350 acres were surveyed out to James, who subse- 
quently received other grants. Patrick had been commis- 
sioned by the Surveyor General (Egerton Leigh) as his 
deputy surveyor lor this work and laid out the lands for his 
broth ers.^^ 

Ezekiel Calhoun made his will September 3, 1759, and it 
was proved before Thomas Bell, to whom a dedinius had 
been issued for the purpose. May 25, 1762. He gave his son 
Jobn his ffun and saddle and a balled face horse; o-ave one- 
third of his personal property to his wife Jean and the rest 
thereof to his children, John, Patrick, Ezekiel, Mary, Re- 
becca, Catherine and Jean, to be equally divided between 
them; gave all of his lands on Long Cane and on Reed 
Creek, Augusta County, Virginia, to his three sons to be 
divided equally between them'-; gave his wife (when the 
lands should be valued and divided) her third part thereof 
in money or in the lands; gave a similar interest' to each of 
his four daughters; gave wife the managenient of the plan- 
tation whereon he then dwelled and the care of the children 

~^Land records of South Carolina (Secretary of State's office), platt 
books 6 and 13. 

^'By deed dated October 17, 1765, Patrick Calhoonof the Long Cane 
Settlement in the County of Granville of the Province of South Caro- 
lina, Jum", conveyed to Hugh Montgomery, late of the Parish and 
County of Augusta in Virginia, in consideration of £300 current money 
of Virginia, 610 acres of land on Reed Creek and on a branch thereof 
in the said Parish and County. Witnesses: Jno. Poage, Robert An- 
derson and Thomas Poage. Memorandum: That forasmuch as the 
Vender's name Patrick Calhoun is shortly wrote by the letters Patrick 
Calhoun as well in indent of release as in the lease for a year hereto 
annexed the same was meant and intended throughout the whole for 
Patrick Calhoun. (Augusta County County Court Records, Deed Book 
IXV, p. 1.) 


during her widowhood; appointed wife executrix and brother 
Patrick executor and brothers James and William overseers, 
Alexander Noble, John Wilson and Robert Norris, wit- 

In 1760 the Cherokee Indians began to give trouble to the 
people of the CJp-Country of South Carolina and on the first 
day of February, 1760, while the people of the Long Cane 
Settlement were removing with their families to Augusta for 
safety they were attacked and twenty-three of the number 
were slain. The following contemporar}- accounts of the 
massacre were published : 

"Yesterday se'nnight the whol of the Long-Cane Settlers, 
to the Number of 150 Souls, moved off with most of their 
Effects in Waggons; to 20 towards Augusta in Georgia,and 
in a few Hours after their setting off, were surprized and 
attacked by about 100 CJterokees on Horseback, while they 
were getting their Waggons out of a boggy Place : They had 
amongst them 40 Gunmen, who might have made a very good 
Defence, but unfortunately their Guns were in the Waggons; 
the few that recovered theirs, fought the Indians Half an 
Hour, and were at last obliged to fly: In the action they 
lost 7 Waggons, and 40 of their People killed or taken (in- 
cluding Women and Children) the Rest got safe to Augusta; 
whence an Express arrived here with the same Account, on 
Tuesday Morning." ^* 

"Mr. Patrick Calhoo)i, one of the unfortunate Settlers at 
Long- Canes, who were attacked by the Cherokees on the 1st 
Instant, as they were removing their Wives, Children and 
best Effects, to Augusta in Georgia for Safety, is just come 
to Town, and informs us, ' That the whole of those Settlers 
mio^ht be about 250 Souls, 55 or 60 of them fio^htin^ Men: 
that their Loss in that Affair amounted to about 50 Persons, 

^^See The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, 
Vol. II. (1901), pp. 162-163. 

^*The South-Carolina Gazette, Saturday, February 9, 1760. The Ga- 
zette further states that the report was based on information brought 
by Mr. Aaron Price who had just arrived in Charles Town from 
Ninety Six. 


chiefly Women and Children, with 13 loaded Waggons and 
Carts; that he had since been at the Place where the Action 
happened, in order to bury the Dead, and found only 20 of 
their Bodies, most inhumanly butchered; that the Indians 
had burnt the Woods all around, but had left the Waggons 
and Carts there empty and unhurt; and that he believes all 
the fighting men would return to and fortify the Long-Ganc 
Settlement, were part of the Hangers so stationed as to give 
them some Assistance and Protection."-* 

"We have no late Advices from Fort Prince-George, or any 
Consequence from Places in that Poute. But from Fort 
31oore, we learn, that a Gang of about 18 CJurokees, d'wided 
into 3 or 4 Parties, on the 15th Instant, way-laid, killed, and 
scalped Ulric Ihbler, Esq ; a Captain of Militia in those Parts, 
as he was riding from his Father's to that Fort; and shot 
Mr. WiWam Calhoon, who was with him, in the Hand: 3 
other Persons, who were in Company escaped uniiurt: the 
Indian who killed Capt. J()6fer, left a Hatchet sticking in his 
Neck, on which were 3 old Notches, and 3 newly cut."'" 

Patrick Calhoun subsequently erected two stones to mark 
the site of the Long Cane massacre, upon the larger of 
which appears the following inscription: 

Pat'\ Calhoun Es'^ 
In Memory of Mrs. 
Cathrine Calhoun 
Aged 76 Years who 
WITH 22 others was 
Here Murdered by 
THE Indians the 
FIRST of Fe'^. 1760 


^^The South-Carolina Gazette, Saturday, February 23, 1760. 
^^The South-Carolina Gazette, Saturday, February 23, 1760. 




^ V-^-.!,; 


These stones are located about two hundred and fifty yards to the 
right of the road from Abbeville to Troy, about three quarters of a 
mile beyond Patterson's Bridge over Long Cane Creek and about two 
and a Half miles from Troy and twelve from Abbeville. They stand 
in a little valley upon land now owned by Dr. Mullwee, of Greenwood. 


The South-Carolina Gazette of Monday, October 8, 1764, 
referring to the proceedings of the General Assembly in 
Jnne preceding, said: 

"On the 5th, they likewise voted pay for a company of rangers, for 
six months, to protect the Long-Canes settlement, against the incur- 
sions of Indians; to consist of a commission officer, a Serjeant, and 20 
men; of which Patrick Calhoun, Esq; is appointed captain, who serves 
without pay." 

Patrick and William Calhoun were both made Justices of 
the Peace for Granville County and subsequently (after 1769) 
for Ninety Six District under the Provincial Government, 
and at the election held on the 7th and 8th of March, 1769, 
Patrick Calhoun was elected to the Commons House of As- 
sembly from Prince William's Parish and served until the 
next election, in October, 1772, the first representative from 
the Up-Country. 

At the commencement of the Revolutionary struggle in 
South Carolina, Patrick Calhoun was sent as a deputy to the. 
first Provincial Congress (January 11, 1775-November 1, 

1775) from Ninety Six District and was reelected to the 
second Provincial Congress (November 1, 1775-March 26, 

1776) and as a member of that body became a member of 
the first General Assembly (March 26, 1776-October 21, 
1776) of the State of South Carolina when that Congress 
adopted an independent constitution on March 26, 1776, and 
resolved itself into a General Assembly. He subsequently 
served in almost every House of the General Assembly 
until his death. He was elected one of the county court 
judges for Abbeville County, Ninety Six District, in 1791, as 
shown by the following extracts from The Citt/ Gazette or 
The Daily Advertiser (Charleston) for Friday, March 4, 1791. 

"In the House of Representatives, February 18, 1791. 
"Resolved, That the following persons be, and they are hereby 
elected and appointed judges of the several county court, hereafter 

* * * * 

Patrick Calhoun, James Lincoln, Andrew Hamilton." 

Patrick Calhoun died on the 15th of February, 1796, and 


the City Gazette (f Daily Advertiser for Monday, March 7, 

1796, contained the following notice of his death: 

" Died, on Monday the 15th ultimo, at his seat in Abbeville county, 
the hon. Patrick Calhoun, esq. in the 69th year of his age. He had 
served as a member of the legislature in this State for many years; 
was the first person who ever acted in that capacity, from that part 
of the State in which he resided; and was a member of the Senate at 
its last session. During the past summer he was attacked with a 
lingering fever, which much enfeebled his constitution. On his return 
from Columbia, he was seized with a bleeding at the nose, which ex- 
hausted him gradually till his life came to a close. He was a friend 
to virtue and piety; and a foe to vice in every form; The fidelity and 
patriotism which he exhibited as a public character, are too well known 
and acknowledged, by most of his numerous acquaintance, to need any 
encomium or eulogium. " 

William Calhoun, one of the four brothers wlio came to 
South Carolina, kept a little journal"^ wherein he entered ac- 
counts, notes of fines he had imposed as Justice of the Peace, 
marriage records and the records of his own family. He 
therein records that he was married to Affnes Lona;, October 
19, 1749, and also records the following issue: 

1 I. Joseph Calhoun, born Oct. 22, 1750. 

2 11. Catherine Calhoun, born Feb. 4, 1753, is said to 

have been killed in the Indian massacre on Long 
Cane, Feb. 1, 1760. 

3 III. Anne Calhoun, born May 18, 1755; was taken by 

the Indians at the Long Cane massacre and was 
held in captivity for fourteen years; married, Oct. 
12, 1784, Isaac Mathews {d. 1801); died Dee. 19, 
1830. She has left behind a very interesting ac- 
count of her life which is still, unfortunately, in 
manuscript, (Issue.) 

4 IV. Mary Calhoun, born Nov. 1, 1757, was carried oft 

by the Indians at the time of the Long Cane mas- 
sacre and probably died in their hands. 

^''Publications of the Southern History Association, Vol. VIII, pp. 


5 V. Patrick Calhoun, born Feb. 18, 1760, and was 

killed by the Indians June 26, 1776, while serving 
as an ensio^n in Capt. James McCall's expedition 
into the Cherokee Country .^^ 

6 VI. Rachel Calhoun, born Sept. 19, 1762; married 

Patrick Norris. (Issue.) 

7 VII. Esther Calhoun, born Sept. 30, 1765; married 

William Love. (Issue.) 

8 Vm. William Calhoun, born April 5, 1768. 

9 IX. Ezekiel Calhoun, born Nov. 27, 1770. 

10 X. Agnes Calhoun, born Aug. 29, 1773; married 

General Hutton. (Issue.) 

11 XL Alexander Calhoun, born Dec. 21, 1776. 


Joseph Calhoun [William^], born October 22, 1750'»; 
married Catherine Calhoun and, after her death, Martha 
Moseley, to whom he was married. May 26, 1802^"; was sev- 
eral times a member of the legislature of South Carolina, 
serving in both House and Senate; was a colonel of militia 
and in 1807 was elected to Congress in place of Gen Levi 
Casey who had died February 1, 1807,-'* and served to March 
4, 1811, when he was succeeded by his cousin, John C. Cal- 

He died April 14, 1817. 

^'^M.cCrady's History of South Carolina in the Revolution, 1775-1780, 
pp. 189-190. 

"^All of the statements and data following, except such as are veri- 
fied by footnote quotations or citations from records, were furnished 
by Miss Eliza Calhoun, of the Louise Home, Washington, D. C. 

3 ""Married, on the 25th ult. by the Rev. Moses Waddel, Colonel 
Joseph Colhoun, to the amiable Miss Patsey Mosely, both of Abbe- 
ville."— T/ie Times (Charleston), Thursday, June 3, 1802. 

"Married, on the 26th May, by the Rev. Moses Waddel, the hon- 
ourable Col. Joseph Colhoun, to the amiable and well accomplished 
Miss Patsey Moseley, daughter of William Moseley, esq. late of Vir- 
ginia. "-Ibid, Tuesday, June 15, 1802. 

^^"Gen. Levi Casey, representative in Congress from this State, 
died at the City of Washington, on the 1st inst. The usual moui-ning 


Issue: First wife. 

12 I. Ann Calhoun, m. Wm. Perrin. 

13 II. Joseph Calhoun. 

14 III. Catherine Calhoun, d. unmarried. 

15 IV. Mary Calhoun, d. unmarried. 

Second wife. 

16 V. Eliza Calhoun, m. James Holt. 

17 VI.' John Ewing Calhoun. 

18 A'^II. Martha Calhoun, m. John Speed. 

19 VIII. Samuel Calhoun, (Z. unm. Buried in Augusta, Ga. 

20 IX. William Calhoun, d. unm. Was a captain in the 

Seminole War. 

21 X. Jane Calhoun, vl James McKelvey. 


William Calhoun [William^], born April 5, 1768, mar- 
ried Rebecca Tonnyhill. 


22 I. Ezekiel Calhoun. 

23 II. Catherine Calhoun. 

24 III. Rachel Calhoun, )il Handy Harris. 

25 IV. William P. Calhoun. 

26 V. James Montgomery Calhoun. 

27 VI. Joseph Calhoun. 

28 VII. Rebecca Calhoun. 

29 VIII. Sarah Calhoun. 

30 IX. Mary Elizabeth Calhoun, 7)k Nathan Massey. 


Ezekiel Calhoun [William^], born JSTovember 27, 1770, 
married Frances Hamilton, daughter of Major Andrew 
Hamilton; died January 25, 1817. 

and funeral honours were voted him." — Charleston Courier, Monday, 
February 16, 1807. 

"The Governor has issued his proclamation, making known that Col. 
Joseph Colhoun, is duly elected a Member of the House of Repre- 
sentatives of the United States, in the room of the late General Levi 
Casey, deceased." — Charleston Courier, Friday, September 11, 1807. 

The poll was given in the Courier of June 24th. 


Issue : 

31 I. William Calhoun, d. unm. 

32 II. Joseph Calhoun, d. unm. 

33 III. Harriet Calhoun, m. Thomas Davis, of Washing- 

ton, D. C. 

34 IV. Jane Hamilton Calhoun, b. Sept. 2, 1798; in., Sept. 

9, 1815, Dr. Joseph Webb Simonds (/>. in Boston, 
Mass., April 8, 1781; (/. March 7, 1841); d. Janu- 
ary 11, 1846. 

35 y. Ephraim Calhoun. 

36 .VI. Catherine Calhoun, ni. Dr. John AV. Parker, of 

Columbia, S. C. 

37 VII. Andrew Calhoun. 


Alexander Calhoun [William^], born December 21, 1776, 
married Kitty Johnson. 

38 I. Kitty Calhoun, m. Edward Tillman. 


Joseph Calhoun [Joseph^, Wilham^] was born at the 
William Calhoun place, in then Ninety Six District, July 22, 
1787; was educated by Rev. Dr. Moses Waddel; was mar- 
ried, January 29, 1819, by Rev. Dr. Waddel, to Frances 
Darricott (born at Vienna, Abbeville District, May 1, 1800; 
died at Mt. Carm el, Abbeville District, March 21, 1885); was 
commissioned in the United States Army and attamed the 
rank of captain ; was in the Richmond Theatre the night of 
the great fire (December 26, 1811) and escaped by jumping 
out of a window; was severely wounded at the battle of 
Lundy's Lane; received a bullet in his arm in a duel. His 
winter home was Calhoun's Mills; his summer home Ben 


39 I. Rebecca Calhoun, died at 16. 

40 II. Thomas Smith Calhoun (named for an army 

friend), died at 4, 


41 III. Joseph Seidell Calhoun (named for an army 

friend), died at 7. 

42 IV. Louisa Calhoun, died early. 

43 V. Eliza Calhoun, from whom these records were 


44 VI. Elizabeth Mury Calhoun, died unm. at 21. 

45 VII. Frances Josette Calhoun, m. Dr. J. W. MarshalL 

46 VIII. Ann Calhoun, died young. 

47 IX. John Joseph Calhoun. 


John Ewing Calhoun [Joseph^ William^] married Sarah 

Issue : 

48 I. Elizabeth Calhoun, ??i. James LeKoy. 

49 II. Martha Calhoun, m. George Brown. 

50 III. Margaret Calhoun. , 

51 IV. John Ewing Calhoun. 


EzEKiEL Calhoun [William'^, William^] married Lucy 


52 I. Carolina Calhoun, m. John S. Williams. 

53 11. Georgia Calhoun. 

54 III. Virginia Calhoun, m. Oliver Coussins. 

55 IV. Indiana Calhoun. 

56 V. Edward Calhoun. 

57 VI. Pickens Calhoun. 

58 VII. Missouri Calhoun, m. Dr. Martin. 

59 VIII. Florida Calhoun, m. Dr. Martin, her sister's 


James Montgomery Calhoun [William-, William^] mar- 
ried Emma Elizabeth Dabney. 

60 L William Lowndes Calhoun. 


















Emma Calhoun. 

Anna Calhoun, vi. Dr. Miles DuBose. 

Chattanooga Calhoun. 

Rebecca Calhoun, ni. J. H. Matthews. 

James V. Calhoun. 

Patrick H. Calhoun. 

Hannah Calhoun. 

John Dabney Calhoun. 

Joseph Calhoun [William^, William^] married Sarah Ann 
Cross. They lived in Mobile, Ala. 

Issue : 
60 I. William Joseph Calhoun. 

70 II. Amanda Abbeville Calhoun. 

71 III. Ella Ann Calhoun, m. William Hunter Harlan. 

72 IV. James Butler Calhoun, in. Fanny Barham. 
7-3 V. Isabella Cross Calhoun. 

74 VI. John Carroll Calhoun. 

75 VII. Frank Howard Calhoun. 

76 VIII. Aline S. Calhoun, ))i. McDougald. 

77 IX. Lida Rebecca Calhoun. ' 

Ephraim Calhoun [EzekieP, William'], a physician and 
one of the earliest settlers of Greenwood, married Charlotte 
Moseley, of Abbeville District. 

Issue , 

78 I. Motte Calhoun. \ ^ ■ 

79 II. Eliza Calhoun, who | J-^ms. 

m. Dr. John H. Logan, 
the author of The His- 
tory of the Ujpi^er Coun- 
try of ISouth Carolina. 

80 III. Augusta Calhoun, m. Peter Groodwin. 

81 IV. Franklin Ramsey Calhoun. 

82 V. Charles M. Calhoun. 

83 VI. Fanny Emma Calhoun, m. Daniel DuPre. 



Andreav Calhoun [EzekieP, William*] was born in the 
Calhoun settlement, married Susan Wellborn, of Georgia; 
was a distinguished physician of Newnan, Georgia. 

Issue : 

84 I. Martha Frances Calhoun, m. Dr. Devine. 

85 II. Ann Elizabeth, w. William Caldwell. . 

86 III. Abner Wellborn Calhoun. -l,A'.^^ "^Vv - >.. 

87 IV. Andrew Ezekiel Calhoun, m. Carro Height ^ 


John Joseph Calhoun [Joseph^, Joseph^ William*] mar- 
ried Mary E. Sayre. 

Issue : 

88 I. Mary Elizabeth Calhoun, d. young. 

89 11. Harriet Louise Calhoun, m. H. N. vanDevander. 
90. III. Lila Frances Calhoun, in. R. Morgan. 

91 IV. William Sayre Calhoun, vi. V. B. Loomis. 

92 V. Joseph Selden Calhoun. 

93 VI. Marie Estelle Calhoun. 

94 VII. John J. Calhoun. 


William Lowndes Calhoun [James Montgomery^, Wil- 
liam^, William^], married Mary Oliver. 


95 I. Emma Caroline Calhoun, m. Silas Connplly. 

96 11. James M. Calhoun, m. Templeton. 

97 HI. Mary Calhoun. 

98 IV. William Dabney Calhoun; 

99 V. William Lowndes Calhoun. V. 
100 VI. Nettie Aline Calhoun. ^ \ 


Patrick H. Calhoun [James Montgomery^ William^ 
William*], married Frances S. Fuller who died and he then 
married Ida Cole. 


Issue: First wife. 

101 I. Charles Augustus Calhoun, ii}. Louise Barnett. 

•Second wife. 

102 II. Rosa Calhoun. 


William Joseph Calhoun [Joseph*, Willianr, William'], 
married Margaret Alexander. 

Issue : 

103 I. John Carroll Calhoun. 

104 II. William Joseph Calhoun. 

105 III. Edward James Calhoun. 

106 IV, Gaines Calhoun. 

107 V. Margaret A. Calhoun. 


MoTTE Calhoun [Ephraim*, EzekieP, William'], married 
Sallie Goodwin. 


108 I. William Goodwin Calhoun. 

109 11. Roland R. Calhoun. 

110 III. Augusta Calhoun. 


Franklin Ramsey Calhoun [Ephraim'', EzekieP, Wil- 
liam*], married Annie E. Turpin. 


111 I. Augusta Calhoun. 

112 II. Alfred Turpin Calhoun. A physician, 

113 III. Annie W.(Mitte) Calhoun, m.Wm. David Link, 

of Erie, Pa. 

114 IV. Daniel Calhoun. 

115 V, Charlotte M. Calhoun, m. W. T. Bates. 


Charles M. Calhoun [Ephraim^ EzekieP, William'], 
married Emilv Nelson. 



116 I. Robert Aclger Calhoun, m. Mamie Zeigler. 

117 11. Ida Chicora Calhoun. 

118 III. Daniel Du Pre Calhoun. 

119 lY. Eliza Elliott Calhoun. 

120 V. John Franklin Calhoun. 

121 VI. Charles Ramsey Calhoun. 

122 VII. Motte McG. Calhoun. 

123 VIII. Waring Parker Calhoun. 

124 IX. Nina Nelson Calhoun. 

Abner Wellborn Calhoun [Andrew*, EzekieP, Wil- 
liam^], a distinguished occulist of Atlanta, Ga.; married 
Lulie Phiuizy. 
Issue : 

125 I. Ferdinand Phinizy Calhoun. 

126 II. Lulie P. Calhoun. 

EzEKiEL Calhoun, prior to his arrival in South Carolina, 
married Jane Ewing. 


1 I. John Ewing Calhoun. 

2 . II. Patrick Calhoun. 

3 III. Ezekiel Calhoun. 

4 IV. Mary Calhoun, m. Carr. (Issue.) 

5 V. Rebecca Calhoun, m,, March 19, 1765, Andrew 

Pickens, who subsequently distinguished him- 
self in the Revolution, attaining the rank of 
brigadier-general of the militia of South Car- 
olina. (Issue.) 

6 VI. Catherine Calhoun, m,, January 7, 1768, Alex- 

ander Noble, son of John and Mary (Calhoun) 
Noble and her first cousin. (Issue.) 

7 VII. Jane Calhoun, m. John Steadman. 


John Ewing Colhoun [Ezekiel'] was born about 1750; 
studied law in Charles Town just prior to and during the 


first years of the Revolution, and was admitted to the bar 
in 1783; joined Capt. Charles Drayton's company of volun- 
teer militia for service in the Revolution at its ors^anization 
in Charles Town, August 16, 1775, signing his name to the 
roll thereof John Ewing Colhone^; adopted the spelling 
Colhoun for his name and maintained that spelling until his 


death; served several times in the House of Representatives 
of South Carolina between 1778 and 1800; was elected a 
member of the Privy Council in February, 1785^, and also 
served as a Commissioner of forfeited estates^; married, 
October 8, 1786, Floride Bonneau*; was strongly supported 
for governor in 1796; was, December 8, 1800, elected United 
States Senator from South Carolina for the full term begin- 
ning March 4, 1801, defeating Jacob Read, the incumbent, 
by a vote of 75 to 73; died October 26, 1802. ^ His widow 

'See The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, 
Vol. I., pp. 135, 187; II., pp. 159-163, 249. 

-The South-Carolina Gazette and Public Advertiser, Saturday, Feb- 
ruary 12, 1785; The Gazette of the State of South-Carolina, Monday, 
February 14, 1785. 

^" On Thursday last Hon. John Ewing Colhoun, Esq; resigned his 
office of one of the Commissioners of Forfeited Estates. The appoint- 
ment of another Commissioner is vested in the Governor and Privy 
Council, " — r/ie Charleston Morning Post, and Daily Advertiser, Mon- 
day, March 20, 1786. 

*" Married.] Yesterday the Hon. John Ewing Colhoun, Esq; of 
this city, to Miss Floride Bonneau, daughter of Samuel Bonneau, 
Esq; of St. John's Parish, an agreeable young lady, with every ac- 
complishment to render the married state happy." — The Charleston 
Morning Post, and Daily Advertiser, Monday, October 9, 1786. 

Marriage Notices in the South-Carolina Gazette and its Successors 
(Salley), p. 86. 

""Died at his seat in Pendleton district on the 26th ult. in the 53d 
year of his age, John Ewing Colhoun, esq. Senator from this state in 
the Congress of the United States," etc. — The Times, Charleston, 
S. C, November 9, 1802. 


spent many seasons in Newport.^ 


8 I. Benjamin Colhoun, d. young. 

9 II. Caroline Colhoun, d. youncr. 

10 III. Floride Bonneau Colhoun, born February 15, 

1792; m. her father's first cousin, John C. 
Calhoun. (See children of Patrick Calhoun.) 

11 IV. John Ewing Colhoun. 

12 V. James Edward Colhoun. 

13 VI. William Sheridan Calhoun, cf. young. 


John Ewing Colhoun [John Evving^, Ezekiel^] was born 
in Charleston in 1791; married, February 21, 1822, Martha 
Maria Davis' (who died November 13, 1853^). ^ 

Issue: 3 

14 I. John Ewing Colhoun, d. young. 

15 II. Martha Maria Colhoun ("Coodie"), d. untn. 

16 III. William Ransom Colhoun, b- July 22, 1827; 

educated at West Point; was an Aid to Gov. 
J. L. Manning; was sometime Secretary of 
Legation and acting Minister to France; was 
iirst a captain and then colonel of the 1st. 
Pegiment, South Carolina Regular Artillery; 

'■"Passengers in the William and Henry, from Newport. —Mrs. 
Calhoun, and her Niece; Capt. Malbone, Messrs. Whitehorn, 
Waring, and Bozier." — Charleston Courier, Friday, April 24, 1807. 

See her letter to her nephew-in-law, Andrew Pickens, in The South 
Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. IV., pp. 190-191. 

'"Married, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Dickinson, Col. John 
Ewing Colhoun, to Martha Maria, youngest daughter of Capt. 
William Ransom Davis, deceased." — The Charleston Courier, Friday, 
February 22, 1822. See The South Carolina Historical and, Genealo- 
gical Magazine, Vol. VII. , pp. 169-170. 

*"DiED, at Keowee, Pickens District, on Sunday, November 13, 
Mrs. M. M. Colhoun, relict of John Ewing Colhoun. "—T/ie Charles- 
ton Daily Courier, Saturday, November 19, 1853. 

•'A History and Genealogy of the Habersham Family (Bulloch), p. 131. 


was killed in a duel with Lt.-Col. Altred 
Rhett, September 5, 1862. 

17 IV. Susan Colhouii. 

18 V. John Ewing Colhoun. 

19 VI. Florence Colhoun, d. young. 

20 VII. Warren Davis Colhoun, d. young. 

21 VIII. Henry Davis Colhoun. 

22 IX. Edward Boiseau Colhoun.' 


James Edward Colhoun [John Ewing-, Ezckiel'], born 
July 4, 1798; was sometime an officer in the United States 
j^avy; married Maria Simkins; died at Millwood, S. C, 
October 31, 1889. 


23 I. A child that died young. 


Edward Boiseau Colhoun [John Ewing^, John Ewings, 
Ezekieli] served in Lucas's Battalion of artillery duringthe 
War Between the United States and the Confederate States 
and attained the rank of captain. He married Sarah C. 

Issue: 1° 

24 I. Martha Maria Colhoun. ^ 

25 II. Sarah Louise Colhoun, m. ' Txvins 

Allen McLee Shoen, of f 

Richmond, Va. (Issue.) j 

26 in. Floride Bonneau Colhoun. ) ^^ • 

27 IV. Willie Norwood Colhoun. / ^^'"" 

^M History and Genealogy of the Habersham Family (Bulloch) , p. 132. 

^"Long Canes, Sept. 24, 1766. 
Of a Miscarriage of Twins, on the 10th Instant, died here, in the 
24th Year of her age, one of the most pious and accomplished young 
Women in these Parts, in the person of Mrs. Calhoun, the Wife of 
Patrick Calhoun, Esq; and Daughter of the Rev. Alexander Craig- 
head."— The South-Carolina Gazette, Monday, October 13, 1766. 


Patrick Calhoun, the fourth of the brothers who came 
to South Carolina, was twice married. His tirst wife was 
Miss Craighead, a dausjhter of Rev. Alexander Craighead. 
She died September 10, 1766.^ He next married Martha^ 
Caldwell of what is now Newberry Count}'. s 

Issue: Second wife. 

1 I. James Calhoun. 

2 n. Catherine Calhoun, m. Rev. Moses Waddel,^ sub- 

sequently a noted teacher and doctor of divinity. 
They had one child who died young. 

3 HI. William Calhoun. 

4 IV. John Caldwell Calhoun. 

5 V. Patrick Calhoun. 


James Calhoun [Patrick^] married May 4, 1802, Sarah 
Caldwell Martin* (died March 11, 1845), daughter of Dr. 
James Martin, deceased, formerly surgeon of the 3rd Regi- 
ment, South Carolina Line, Continental Establishment. 


6 I. Patrick Calhoun, ft, January 25, 1803; d. same 


7 II, James Martin Calhoun, h. January 25, 1805. 

8 III. John Alfred Calhoun,. 6, January 8, 1807. 

'^See O'Neall's Annals of Newberry District; Starke's sketch of 
John C. Calhoun in Fourth Annual Report of the Historical Manu- 
scripts Commission of the American Historical Association. 

^That is the way he spelled his name, others to the contrary not- 

""'Married, on the 3d of June, by the Rev. Moses Waddel, James 
Calhoun, jun. esquire, merchant, of Vienna, (S. C.) to the amiabel 
and well accomphshed Miss Sarah C. Martin, of Abbeville district."— 
The Times, Tuesday, June 15, 1802. The family records give May 4th. 


9 IV. Caroline Calhoun, b. April 1, 1811; c^. July 13, 


10 V. William Henry Calhoun, 6. Nov. 15, 1813. 

11 VI. Benjamin Calhoun, b- July 13, 1815; killed acci- 

dentally when a boy. 

12 VII. Sarah Calhoun, b- May 9, 1818. 

13 VIII. George McDuffie Calhoun, 6. July 25, 1820; d. 

Julv 25, 1824. 


William Calhoun [Patrick'] married Catherine Jenna 
de Graffenreid. 

14 I. Tescharner Calhoun, d. unm. 

15 II. Patrick Calhoun, d. unm. 

16 III. Mar}' Calhoun, d. unm. 

17 IV. Jane Calhoun, d. unm. 

18 V. Lucretia Ann Calhoun, m. Dr. Henry Townes, 

of Greenville, who dying, she next married 
Dr. Tescharner de Graffenreid, of Alabama. 

19 VI. Thomas Calhoun. 

20 VII. Martha Catherine Calhoun, m. Armistead Burt, 

March 12, 1827. 

21 Vlir. James Lawrence Calhoun. 

22 IX. Sarah Calhoun, m. Ezekiel Pickens Noble. (Issue.) 

23 X. Eugenia Calhoun, m. Dr Edwin Parker. (Issne.) 

24 XI. Georse McDuffie Calhoun. 

John Caldwell Calhoun [Patrick^], born March 18, 
1782; was prepared for college by his brother-in-law, Rev. 
Moses Waddel; entered the junior class at Yale College in 
1802 and was graduated as A. B. September 12,1804; studied 
law at the Litchlield Law School, Litchfield, Connecticut, 
July 22, 1805, to July 28, 1806, then in Charleston and Ab- 
beville; was admitted to the bar in 1807; elected to the 
South Carolina House of Representatives, October 13,1807; 
appointed an aid on the staff" of Governor Drayton with the 


rank of lieutenant-colonel, December 15, 1808; elected to 
the House of Representatives of the United States in 1810, 
taking his seat March 4, 1811; reelected in 1812, 1814 and 
1816, serving to October 8, 1817, when he became Secretary 
of War in President Monroe's cabinet, serving until March 
4, 1825, when he was inaugurated as Vice-President of the 
United States; was reelected Vice-President in 1828 and 
served to December 28, 1832; resigned as Vice-President 
July 16, 1832; elected United States Senator from South 
Carolina December 12, 1832, to succeed Robert Y. Hayne, 
who had been elected Governor, and took his seat in the 
Senate January 4, 1833; was reelected in 1834 and in 1840, 
but resigned in 1842, serving until March 4, 1843; was a 
candidate for the presidency in 1844, but withdrew January 
20, 1844; was Secretary of State under President Tyler from 
March 6, 1844, to March 6, 1845; was elected to the United 
States Senate November 26, 1845, to succeed Judge Daniel 
Elliott Huger, who resigned in order that Mr. Calhoun 
might be returned to the Senate; died at Washington, D. C, 
March 31, 1850.^ 

He married, January 8, 1811, Floride Colhoun (born Feb- 
ruary 15, 1792; died July 25, 1866), daughter of John Ew- 
ing Colhoun. (See descendants of Ezekiel Calhoun, 10.) 


25 L Andrew Pickens Calhoun. 

26 n. Anna Maria Calhoun, born February 13, 1817; 

m- Thomas G. Clemaon; died Sept. 22, 1875. 

^SeealsoPinckney'sZ/i/eo/Jo/inC Calhoun (Charleston, S. C, 1903). 

"Date obtained from tombstones in St. Paul's (P. E.) churchyard, 
Pendleton, S. C. A child, Floride, born in January 1814, died April 6, 
1825. {Fourth Annual Report of the Historical Manuscript Commis- 
sion of the American Historical Association, p. 128.) 



27 IIL Patrick Calhoun, born Feb. 9, 1821; d. unm. 

June 1, 1858.' 

28 IV. John Caldwell Calhoun, 6. May 17, 1823. , 

29 V. Martha Cornelia Calhoun, born April 22, 1824; 

died in Abbeville May 2, 1857. 

30 VI. James Calhoun, died unm. in California. 

31 VII. William Lowndes Calhoun, h. Aw^. 13, 1829. 

Patrick Calhoun [Patrick*] married Nancy Needham 
de Graffenried, sister of hia brother William's wife. 


32 I. Martha Calhoun, married Dr. Bonner. 

33 II. Catharine Calhoun, married Dr. William Ten- 

nent. (Issue.) 

34 III. Edw-ard Calhoun. 

35 IV. Ludlow Calhoun. 

36 V. Francis Augustus Calhoun. 

37 VI. Benjamin Alfred Calhoun, married Miss Yar- 

borough. (Issue.) 


James Martin Calhoun [James% Patrick'], born at 
Vienna, S. C, Jariuary 25, 1805; married Susan Pickens; 
was a prominent lawjer in Alabama; died November 20, 
1877. His widow died September 7, 1877. , 


38 I. Susan Wilkinson Calhoun, m. Alexander Noble. 

39 II. Andrew Calhoun. 

40 in. Sarah L. Calhoun, m. William T. Wade. (Issue.) 

41 IV. James F. Calhoun. 

42 V. John C. Calhoun. 

^"Departed this Life, on the 1st inst., at the residence of his 
mother, Pendleton, S. C, Major Patrick Calhoun, U. S. A., in the 
38th year of his age/' — The Charleston Daily Courier, Tuesday, June 
8, 1858. 



John Alfred Calhoun [James^, Patrick' ], born January 
8, 1807; married, January 10, 1830, Sarah Mornin Norwood 
(born May 18, 1814; died December 3, 1891); died August 
25, 1874. He was a signer of the Ordinance of Secession. 

48 I. James Caldwell Calhoun, 6. Dec. 23, 1830. 

44 II. Mary Norwood Calhoun, 6. March 30, 1834; m., 

Aug. 10, 1852, William J. Lomax; d. April 6, 
1856. (Issue.) 

45 III. Aurelia Calhoun, 6. Sept. 25, 1836; m., June 22, 

1859, Alexander R. Rucker. (Issue.) 

46 IV. Sarah Martin Calhoun, h. January 19, 1839; m., 

eJanuary 10,1860, Andrew Simonds, son of Jane 
Hamilton Calhoun (See descendants of Wil- 
liam Calhoun, 34) and Dr. Joseph Webb 

47 V. Williamson Norwood Calhoun, 6. Aug. 28, 1841. 

48 VI. Caroline Calhoun Calhoun, h. July 9, 1843; m., 

Sept. 28, 1868, Georgj Erskine Heard. 

49 VII. John Alfred Calhoun, 6. May 11, 1845; d. unm. 

January 12, 1882. 

50 VIII. Orville Tatum Calhoun, h. Sept. 6, 1847. 

51 IX. Anna Susan Calhoun, 6. May 29, 1849; m., Nov. 

15, 1877, William A. Ancrum. (Issue.) 

52 X. William Patrick Calhoun, h. Oct. 27, 1851; m., 

January 1,1890, Gladys Boykin; is an Attorney- 
at-Law, Edgefield, S. C. 

53 XL Tennent Lomax Calhoun, 6. April 7, 1854; an 

M. D.; d. Aug. 3, 1883. 

54 XH. Kate Calhoun, h. June 5, 1857; m., Dec. 20, 1888, 

Alonzo H. O'Farrell. (Issue.) 


William Henry Calhoun [James', Patrick^], born No- 
vember 15, 1813; was a physician; married June 18. 1837, 
Jane Orr; died September 24, 1869. 



55 I. Florence C. Calhoun, married John T. Tankors- 

ley, of Mississippi. (Issue.) 

56 II. James Lawrence Calhoun. 

57 III. Martha J. Calhoun. 

58 IV. J. Christopher Calhoun. 

V. Sarah Caroline Calhoun, m. L- T. Taylor, of 
Mississippi. (Issue.) 

59 VI. John Caldwell Calhoun, d. unm. 

60 VII. William Henry Calhoun. 


Thomas Calhqun [William^ Patrick'], married Margaret 


61 I. William Calhoun, m. Mary Bailey. (Issue.) 

62 II. James Calhoun. 

63 III. Henry Townes Calhoun. 

64 IV. Jane Calhoun, m. Henry Harper. 

65 V. Elizabeth Calhoun, m. Dr. Robert Harper. 

66 VI. Margaret Meek Calhoun. 


James Lawrence Calhoun [William', Patrick'), m- Mary 
Hunter, and, she dying, Jane Verdier. 

Issue: First wife. 

67 I. Catharine L. Calhoun, m. George Jones, of 

Alabama. (Issue.) 

68 II. Eugenia Calhoun, m. James Duncan. (Issue.) 

69 in. Thomas Calhoun, m. Miss Blakeford. (Issue.) 

Second wife. 

70 IV. SalUe Calhoun, m. John 6. Winter. 

71 V. James Lawrence Calhoun, m. Miss Moore. (Is- 



George McDuffie Calhoun [Williams Patrick*], mar- 
ried Julia Goodwyn, of Columbia. 



72 I. A. Burt Calhoun, d. young. 

73 II. Robert G. Calhoun, d. young. 

74 III. John Calhoun, d. young. ^ 

75 IV. George Calhoun, m. in Texas, m/i''/ J^^^ 

76 V. Julia Calhoun. 



Andrew Pickens Calhoun [John CaldwelP, Patrick '], 
married Miss Chappell, who dying (without issue), he next 
married, in Washington, D. C, May 5, 1830, Margaret 
Green, daughter of Hon. Duff Green. 

Issue: Second wife. 

77 I. Duff" Green Calhoun. 

78 II. John Caldwell Calhoun. 

79 III. Margaret Maria Calhoun. 

IV. Andrew Pickens Calhoun, d. unm. 

80 V. James Edward Calhoun, d- unm. 

81 VI. Patrick Calhoun. 

John Caldwell Calhoun [John Caldwell', Patrick'], born 
May 17, 1823; a physician; married Anzie Adams, who 
dying (without issue), he married, in January, 1853, Kate 
Kirby Putnam'; died July 31, 1855. 

Issue: Second wife. 

82 I. John C. Calhoun, married. 

83 11. Benjamin P. Calhoun, m. Julia Peterman. 



William Lowndes Calhoun [John CaldwelP, Patrick'], 
born August 13, 1829; married Margaret Cloud, who dying 

^"Married: On the 27ult. in Trinity Church, St. Augustine, Fla. 
by Rev. Mr. Harlow, Dr. J. C. Calhoun, of South Carolina, to Kate 
Kirby, only daughter of B. A. Putnam, esq. of St. Augustine."— T/ie 
Charleston Daily Courier, Friday, February 4, 1853. 


(without issue), he married Mrs. Kate Putnam Calhoun, 
widow of his brother John C; died September 19, 1858.* 

Issue: Second wife. 

84 I. William Lowndes Calhoun. 


Edward Calhoun [Patrick", Patrick'], married Frances 


85 I. John Francis Calhoun, 6. Aug. 29, 1831. 

86 II. Patrick Edward Calhoun, died young. 

87 III. Edwin Calhoun. 

88 IV. Ida Calhoun, m. Charles Alexander. (Issue.) 

89 V. Rosa Calhoun, m. (second wife) Charles Alex- 



Ludlow Calhoun [Patrick^, Patrick'], married Margaret 


90 I. Ludlow Calhoun. 

91 II. Nancy Needham Calhoun. 

92 III. John C. Calhoun, m. Miss Gilmer. 

93 IV. Patrick Calhoun. 

94 V. Eugenia Calhoun, m. Robert Middleton. (Issue.) 

95 VI. Thomas Calhoun. 

96 VII. Francis A. Calhoun. 

97 VIIL Edward Calhoun. 

98 IX. Arthur Calhoun. 

99 X. Benjamin F. Calhoun, married and his son, 

Arthur Ludlow Calhoun, lives in Beaumont, 

100 XL Ella Calhoun, m. S. B. Mays. 

9 "The Abbeville Banner records the decease of William Lowndes, 
youngest son of the late John C. Calhoun, who died on the 19th inst., 
on his plantation, in Abbeville District. Since the death of Mr. Cal- 
houn three sons and a daughter, we believe, have followed him to the 
tomb." — The Charleston Daily Courier, Saturday, September 25, 1858. 



Francis Augustus Calhoun [Patrick^, Patrick'], married 
Laura Jones, of Georgia. 


101 I. Catherine Jenna Calhoun. 

102 II. Benjamin A. Calhoun. 

103 III. Cornelia Calhoun, m. Edward Yarborou<j:h. 

104 IV. Ennna Calhoun, m. George C. Graves. (Issue.) 

105 V. Patrick L. Calhoun, m. Ida Hankinson. (Issue.) 

106 VI. Frank A. Calhoun, m. Fanny Moore. (Issue.) 

107 VII. Thomas Jones Calhoun. 

108 VIII. Kate Calhoun, m. Marshall P. DeBruhl. (Issue.) 

109 IX. Louise Calhoun, married. 


Andrew Calhoun [James Martin^, James^, Patrick'], 
married Frances E. Lee. 


110 I. Susan Wilkinson Calhoun. 

111 II. Kebecca Lee Calhoun. 

112 III. Julia Fishburne Calhoun. 

113 IV. James Martin Calhoun. 

114 V. Harriet Eliza Calhoun. 

115 VI. Sarah Pickens Calhoun. 

116 VII. Ellen Lee Calhoun. 


James F. Calhoun [James Martin'', James,"' Patricki], 
married Florence O. Lee, who dying, he then married Julia 
Emma P. Lee. 

Issue: First wife. 

117 I. Mary Louisa Calhoun. 

118 II. Martin Lee Calhoun. 

119 III. Marion Pickens Calhoun. , 

120 IV. Florence Oliver Calhoun. 

Second wife. 

121 V. Martha Eleanor Calhoun. 

122 VI. James Francis Calhoun. 


123 VII. Andrew Pickens Calhoun. 

124 VIII. Julia Emma Calhoun. 


John Caldwell Calhoun [James Marti ii», James', Patrick'], 
married Mary Graham. 


125 I. Annie Graham Calhoun. 

126 II, Mary Kennon Calhoun. 


James Caldwell Calhoun [John Alfred^, James^, Patrick'], 
horn December 23, 1830, married, December 22, 1858, Blan- 
diiia M. Kirtland (6. Jan. 23, 1841, in Miss.); died in Wash- 
ington County, Texas, December 29, 1866. 


127 I. Isaac Kirtland Calhoun, born Oct. 11, 1859; m 

in Philadelphia. 

128 II. James Caldwell Calhoun, b. July 7, 1861; d. 

May 27, 1885. 

129 III. John Alfred Calhoun, b. May 8, 1863; m., July 

25, 1901, Mai North Colcock. (Issue.) 

130 IV. Lucy Calhoun, b. Feb. 19, 1865. 

131 V. Tredwell Ayers Calhoun, b. Dec. 22, 1866. 


Williamson Norwood Calhoun [John Alfred\ James", Pat- 
rick'], born in Eufaula, Ala., August 28, 1841; married, 
April 7, 1864, Virginia Caroline Bowman (born in Union, 
S. C, Dec. 16, 1845), daughter of Rev. Peyton Green Bow- 


132 I. Sarah Norwood Calhoun, b. Feb. 17, 1865; d. 

May 3, 1888. 

133 II. James Caldwell Calhoun, 6. Feb. 13, 1867. 

134 III. Marie Bowman Calhoun, b. Dec. 15, 1869; m., 

April 15, 1891, R. H. Baker (6. Selma, Ala., 
July 4, 1862; d. Sumter, S. C, Dec. 17, 1896, 
leaving issue). 

135 IV. Virginia^Calhoun, 6. Jan. 22, 1890. 



Orville Tatum Calhoun [John Alfred^^, Janies", Patrick'], 
born September 6, 1847; married December, 15, 1885, Sallie 
P. Gibert (died Oct. 28, 1887); died May 2, 1887. 

136 I. Orville Gibert Calhoun, 6. Sept. 18, 1887. 


William Henry Calhoun [William Henry^ James', Pat- 
rick'], married, February 10, 1876, Susan Reed, who dyini^ 
(without issue), he married, May 2, 1883, Cliitbrd Winston. 

Issue: Second wife 

137 I. Fanny Calhoun. 


Duff Green Calhoun [Andrew Pickens'*, John Caldwell-, 
Patrick'], married Elizabeth Beaseley, of Texas. 


138 I. Andrew Calhoun, m. Floride Lee, grand-daugh- 

ter of Mrs. Anna Calhoun (26) Clemson. 


John Caldwell Calhoun [Andrew Pickens'', John Cald- 
welP, Patrick'], born near Demopolis, Ala., July 9, 1843; 
educated at Thalian Academy, near Pendleton, S. C, and at 
the South Carolina College; entered Confederate service at 
reduction of Fort Sumter and served in the cavalry through- 
out the war, attaining the rank of captain; married, Decem- 
ber 8, 1870, Linnie Adams, a grand-niece of former Vice- 
President Richard M. Johnson; planted in Alabama, Mis- 
sissippi and Arkansas for a time after the war; was a dele- 
gate at large from Arkansas to the Cotton Exposition, 
Louisville, in 1883, and in New Orleans in 1884; was vice- 
president of the convention held in Washington in 1884, 
which memorialized Congress in relation to the improve- 
ment of the Mississippi River; was special ambassador to 
France of S. A. R., 1897; was vice-president and chairman 


of the finance committee of the Central Railroad and Bank- 
ing Company, of Georgia; president of the Baltimore Coal 
Mining and Railroad Company. He resides at 617 West 
End Avenue, ISTew York City. 

139 I. James Edward Calhoun. 

140 11. Adams Calhoun. 

141 III. Julia Calhoun. 

142 IV. John Caldwell Calhoun. 


Patrick Calhoun [Andrew Pickens^ John Caldwell', Pat- 
rick^], born at Fort Hill, the plantation of his grandfather, 
near Pendleton, S. C, March 21, 1856; removed to Dalton, 
Ga., in 1871, and was admitted to the bar of Missouri in 
1876; went to Atlanta, Ga., to practice in 1878 and became 
one of the leading corporation attorneys in the South, and 
prominent in Georgia politics; discontinued the active prac- 
tice of law in 1896 and since that time has devoted his time 
to the development of street railway properties, especially 
in Baltimore, Pittsburg, St. Louis and San Francisco. He 
resides at Euclid Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, and 9 East 88th 
Street, New York City. He married Miss Williams, 

daughter of the late George W. Williams, of Charleston. 


143 I. Martha Calhoun. 

144 II. Margaret Green Calhoun. 

145 III. Patrick Calhoun. 

146 IV. George Williams Calhoun. 


John Francis Calhoun [Edward', Patrick^ Patrick^], born 
August 29, 1831; married Rebecca Noble; died November 
13, 1897. 


147 I. Frances Calhoun. 

148 II. Susan Calhoun. 

149 III. Caroline Calhoun. 


150 IV. John Calhoun. 

151 Y. Ida Calhoun. 

152 VI. Edward Calhoun. 

153 VII. Rebecca Calhoun, m. Robert Shiver. (Issue.) 

154 VIII. Rosa Calhoun. 

155 IX. Patrick Calhoun. 

156 X. Andrew Pickens Calhoun. 


Edwin Calhoun [Edward\ Patrick', Patrick'], married Sal- 
lie Tillman. 

157 I. Kate Calhoun, m. L. C. Haskell. 

158 II. John Calhoun. 

159 III. Edwin Calhoun. 

160 IV. Frances Calhoun. 

161 V. Lalla Calhoun. 

162 VI. Arthur Calhoun. 

163 VII. Charles Calhoun. 

164 VIII. Eunice Calhoun. 


Benjamin A. Calhoun [Francis Augustus^ Patrick^ Pat- 
rick ^], married Josie Tucker, of Texas. 


165 I. Etta Virginia Calhoun. 

166 II. Francis A. Calhoun. 

167 HI. Patrick Calhoun. 

168 IV. Carrie Lou Calhoun. 


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Caldwell, Wm., 16. 

Calhoun, Mrs., (Craighead), 21. 

Calhoun, A. Burt, 28. 

Calhoun, Abner Wellborn, 16, 18. 

Calhoun, Adams, 33. 

Calhoun, Agnes, 11. 

Calhoun, Alexander, 11, 13. 

Calhoun, Alfred Turpin, 17. 

Calhoun, AHne S., 15. 

Calhoun, Amanda Abbeville, 15. 

Calhoun, Andrew, son of Ezekiel, son 

of 1st Wm., 13, 16. 
Calhoun, Andrew, son of 1st James 

Martin, 25, 30. 
Calhoun, Andrew, son of Duff Green, 

Calhoun, Andrew Ezekiel, 16. 
Calhoun, Andrew Pickens, son of John 

Caldwell (1782-1850), 24, 28. 
Calhoun, Andrew Pickens, son of above, 

Calhoun, Andrew Pickens, son of James 

F., 31. 
Calhoun, Andrew Pickens, son of John 

Francis, 34. 
Calhoun, Ann, dau. of Joseph (1750- 

1817), 12. 
Calhoun, Ann, dau. of 2d Joseph, 14. 
Calhoun, Ann Elizabeth, 16. 
Calhoun, Anna, 15. 
Calhoun, Anna Maria, 24. 
Calhoun, Anna Susan, 26. 
Calhoun, Anne, 10. 
Calhoun, Annie Graham, 31. 
Calhoun, Annie W., 17. 
Calhoun, Arthur son of 1st Ludlow, 29. 
Calhoun, Arthur, son of Edwin, 34. 
Calhoun, Arthur Ludlow, 29. 
Calhoun, Augusta, dau. of Ephraim, 15. 
Calhoun, Augusta, dau. of Motte, 17. 
Calhoun, Augusta, dau. of Franklin 

Ramsey, 17. 
Calhoun, Aurelia, 26. 
Calhoun, Benjamin, 23. 
Calhoun, Benjamin A. , 30, 34. 
Calhoun, Benjamin Alfred, 25. 
Calhoun-, Benjamin F., 29. 
Calhoun, Benjamin P., 28. 
Calhoun, Carolina, 14. 
Calhoun, Caroline, dau. of James, son 

of 1st. Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, Caroline, dau. of 1st. John 

Alfred, 26. 



Calhoun, Caroline, dau. of John Fran- 
cis, 33. 
Calhoun, Carrie Lou, 34. 
Calhoun, Mrs. Catherine, 3, 6, 7. 
Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of 1st. Eze- 

kiel, 4, 18. 
Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of 1st. Wm., 

Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of 2d. Wm., 

Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of 1st. Pat- 
rick, 22. 
Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of 2d. Pat- 
rick, 25. 
Calhoun, Catherine, married Joseph 

Calhoun (1750-1817), 11. 
Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of Joseph 

(1750-1817). 12. 
Calhoun, Catherine, dau. of Ezekiel, son 

of 1st. Wm., 13. 
Calhoun, Catherine Jenna, 30. 
Calhoun, Catherine L., 27. 
Calhoun, Charles, 34. 
Calhoun, Charles Augustus, 17. 
Calhoun, Charles M., 15, 17. 
Calhoun, Charles Ramsey, 18. 
Calhoun, Charlotte M., 17. 
Calhoun, Chattanooga, 15. 
Calhoun, Corneha, 30. 
Calhoun, Daniel, 17. 
Calhoun, Daniel DuPre. 18. 
Calhoun, Duff Green, 28. 32. 
Calhoun, Edward, son of Ezekiel, son 

of 2d. Wm., 14. 
Calhoun Edward, son of 2d. Patrick, 

25, 29. 
Calhoun, Edward, son of Ludlow, 29. 
Calhoun, Edward, son of Jchn Francis, 

Calhoun, Edward James, 17. 
Calhoun, Edwin, 29, 34. 
Calhoun, Edwin, son of above, 34. 
Calhoun, Eliza, dau. of Joseph (1750- 

1817), 12. 
Calhoun, Eliza, dau. of 2d. Joseph, 11, 

Calhoun, Eliza, dau. of Ephraim, 15. 
Calhoun, Eliza Elliott, 18. 
Calhoun, Elizabeth, dau. of John 

Ewing, 14. 
Calhoun, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas, 

son of Wm., son of 1st. Patrick, 27. 
Calhoun, Elizabeth Mary, 14. 
Calhoun, Ella, 29. 
Calhoun, Ella Ann, 15. 
Calhoun, Ellen Lee, 30. 
Calhoun, Emma, dau. of James Mont- 
gomery, 15. 
Calhoun, Emma, dau. of Francis Au- 
gustus, 30. 

Calhoun, Emma Caroline, 16. 

Calhoun, Ephraim. 13, 15. 

Calhoun, Esther, 11. 

Calhoun, Etta Virginia, 34. 

Calhoun, Eugenia, dau. of Wm., son of 

1st. Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, Eugenia, dau. of 1st. James 

Lawrence, 27. 
Calhoun, Eugenia, dau. of 1st. Ludlow, 

Calhoun, Eunice, 34. 
Calhoun, Ezekiel, 1 (3), 2, 3, 4 (2), 18, 

Calhoun, Ezekiel, son of above, 4, 18. 
Calhoun, Ezekiel, son of 1st. Wm., 11, 

Calhoun, Ezekiel, son of 2d. Wm., 14. 
Calhoun, Fanny, 32. 
Calhoun, Fanny Emma, 15. 
Calhoun, Ferdinand Phinizy, 18. 
Calhoun, Florence C, 27. 
Calhoun, Florence Oliver, 30. 
Calhoun, Florida, 14. 
Calhoun, Floride, dau. of John C. (1782- 

1850), 24. 
Calhoun, Frances dau. of John Francis, 

Calhoun, Frances, dau. of 1st. Edwin, 

Calhoun, Frances Josette, 14. 
Calhoun, Francis A., son of 1st. Lud- 
low, 29. 
Calhoun, Francis A., son of Benjamin 

A., 34. 
Calhoun, Francis Augustus, 25, 30. 
Calhoun, Frank A., 30. 
Calhoun, Frank Howard, 15. 
Calhoun, Franklin Ramsey, 15, 17. 
Calhoun, Gaines, 17. 
Calhoun, George, of Augusta Co., Va., 

Calhoun, George, son of George Mc- 
l^ufRe, son of Wm., son of 1st. Pat- 
rick, 28. 
Calhoun, George McDuffie, son of 

James, son of 1st. Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, George McDuffie, eon of Wm., 

son of 1st. Patrick, 23, 27. 
Calhoun, George Williams, 33. 
Calhoun, Georgia, 14, 18. 
Calhoun, Hannah, 15. 
Calhoun, Harriet, 13. 
Calhoun, Harriet Eliza, 30. 
Calhoun, Harriet Louise, 16. 
Calhoun, Henry Townes, 27. 
Calhoun, Ida, dau. of Edward, son of 

2d. Patrick, 29. 
Calhoun, Ida, dau. of John Francis, 34. 
Calhoun, Ida'Chicora, 18. 
Calhoun, Indiana, 14. 



Calhoun, Isaac Kirtland, 31. 
Calhoun, Isabella Cross, 15. 
Calhoun, J. Christopher, 27. 
Calhoun, James, 1 (5), 2 (6), 3 (2), 4, 

5; Patton's suit against 2-3. 
Calhoun, James, son of 1st. Patrick, 

22 (2). 
Calhoun, James, son of John Caldwell 

(1782-1850), 25. 
Calhoun, James, son of Thomas, son of 

Wm., son of 1st. Patrick, 27. 
Calhoun, James Butler, 15. 
Calhoun, James Caldwell, 26, 31. 
Calhoun, James Caldwell, son of above, 

Calhoun, James Caldwell, son of Wil- 

hamson Norwood, 31. 
Calhoun, James Edward, son of 1st. 

Andrew Pickens, 28. 
Calhoun, James Edward, son of John 

Caldwell (1843-), 33. 
Calhoun, James F., 25, 30. 
Calhoun, James Francis, 30. 
Calhoun, James Lawrence, son of Wm., 

son of 1st. Patrick, 23. 27. 
Calhoun, James Lawrence, son of above, 

Calhoun, James Lawrence, son of Wm. 

Henry, 27. 
Calhoun, James M., 16. 
Calhoun, James Martin, 22, 25. 
Calhoun, James Martin, son of Andrew, 

son of above, 80. 
Calhoun, James Montgomery, 12, 14. 
Calhoun, James V., 15. 
Calhoun, Jane, dau. of Joseph (1750- 

1817). 12. 
Calhoun, Jane, dau. of William, son of 

1st. Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, Jane, dau. of Thomas, son of 

Wm., son of 1st. Patrick, 27. 
Calhoun, Jane Hamilton; 13, 26. 
Calhoun, Mrs. Jean (Ewing), 4. 
Calhoun, Jean, dau. of lst.;Ezekiel. 4, 18. 
Calhoun, John, son of George McDuffie, 

Calhoun, John, son of John Francis, 34. 
Calhoun, John, son of 1st. Edwin, 34. 
Calhoun, John Alfred (1807-1874), 22, 

Calhoun, John Alfred (1845-1882), 26. 
Calhoun, John Alfred (1863-), 31. 
Calhoun, John C, son of 1st. James 

Martin, 25, 31. 
Calhoun, John C, son of John Caldwell 

(1823-1855), 28. 
Calhoun, John C, son of 1st Ludlow. 29. 
Calhoun, John Caldwell (1782-1850), 3, 

11, 20, 22, 23-24, 29; Starke's sketch 

of, 22; autograph of, 24. 

Calhoun, John CaldweM (1823-1855), 25, 

28 29 
Calhoun, John Caldwell (1843-), 28, 32- 

Calhoun, John Caldwell, son of Wm. 

Henry, 27. 
Calhoun, John Carroll, son of Joseph, 

son of 2d. Wm.. 15. 
Calhoun, John Carroll, son of William 

Joseph, 17. 
Calhoun, John Dabney, 15. 
Calhoun, John Evving (See Colhoun). 

Calhoun, John Ewing, son of Joseph 

(1750-1817), 12, 14. 
Calhoun, John Ewing, son of above, 14. 
Calhoun, John Francis, 29, 33. 
Calhoun, John Franklin, 18. 
Calhoun," John J., 16. 
Calhoun, John Joseph, 14, 16. 
Calhoun, Joseph (1750-1817), 10, 11, 12. 
Calhoun, Joseph, son of above, 12, 13. 
Calhoun, Joseph, son of 2d. Wm., 12, 

Calhoun, Joseph, son of Ezekiel, son of 

1st. Wm., 13. 
Calhoun, Joseph Selden, 14. 
Calhoun, Joseph Selden, son of John 

Joseph, 16. 
Calhoun, Julia, 28. 
Calhoun, Julia Emma, 31. 
Calhoun, Julia Fishburne, 30. 
Calhoun, Mrs. Kate (Putnam), 29. 

Calhoun, Kate, dau. of 1st. John Alfred, 

Calhoun, Kate, dau. of Francis Augus- 
tus, 30. 

Calhoun, Kate, dau. of 1st. Edwin, 34. 

Calhoun, Kitty, 13. 

Calhoun, Lalla, 34. 

Calhoun, Lida Rebecca, 15. 

Calhoun, Lila Frances, 16. 

Calhoun, Louisa, dau. of 2d. Joseph, 14. 

Calhoun, Louise, 30. 

Calhoun, Lucretia Ann, 23. 

Calhoun, Lucy, 31. 

Calhoun, Ludlow, 25, 29. 

Calhoun, Ludlow, son of above, 29. 

Calhoun, Luhe P., 18. 

Calhoun, Margaret, dau. of 1st. John 

Ewing, 14. 
Calhoun, Margaret A.. 17. 
Calhoun, Margaret Green. 33. 
Calhoun, Mrrgaret Maria, 28. 
Calhoun, Margaret Meek, 27. 
Calhoun, Marie Bowman, 31. 
Calhoun. Marie Estelle, 16. 
Calhoun, Mar'on Pickens, 30. 
Calhoun, Martha, dau. of Joseph (1750- 

1817), 12. 



Calhoun, Martha, dau. of 1st. John 

Ewing, 14. 
Calhoun, Martha, dau. of Patrick 

(1856-), 33. 
Calhoun, Martha Catherine, 23, 
Calhoun, Martha Cornelia, 25. 
Calhoun, Martha Eleanor, 30. 
Calhoun, Martha Frances, 16. 
Calhoun, Martha J., 27. 
Calhoun, Martha Lee, 30. 
Calhoun, Mary, dau. of 1st. Ezekiel, 

4, 18. 
Calhoun, Mary, dau. of 1st. William, 10. 
Calhoun, Mary, dau. of Wm., son of 

1st. Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, Mary, dau. of Joseph (1750- 

1817), 12. 
Calhoun, Mary, dau. of Wm. Lowndes, 

son of James Montgomery, 16. 
Calhoun, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of 2d. 

Wm., 12. 
Calhoun, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John 

Joseph, 16. 
Calhoun, Mary Kennon, 31. 
Calhoun, Mary Louita, 30. 
Calhoun, Mary Norwood, 26. 
Calhoun, Missouri, 14. 
Calhoun, Motte, 15, 17. 
Calhoun, Motte McG., 18. 
Calhoun, Nancy Needham 29. 
Calhoun, Nettie Aline, 16. 
Calhoun, Nina Nelson, 18. 
Calhoun, Orville Gibert, 32. 
Calhoun, Orville Tatum, 26, 32. 
Calhoun, Patrick, 1 (4), 2, 3 (2), 4 (2), 

5 1 2), 6 (2), 7, 9 (6), 10, 20, 21, 22; 

autograph of, 22. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of above, 22, 25. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of 1st. Ezekiel 

4 (5), 18. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of 1st. Wm., 11. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of Jas., son of 

1st. Patrick, 22. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of Wm., son of 

1st. Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of John Cald- 
well (1782-1850), 25, 33. 
Calhoun, Patrick (1856-), son of An- 
drew Pickens, son of John Caldwell 

(1782-1850), 28, 33. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of above," 33. 
Calhoun, Patrick, son of 1st. Ludlow, 

Calhoun, Patrick, son of John Francis, 

Calhoun, Patrick, son of Benjamin A., 

Calhoun, Patrick Edward, 29. 
Calhoun, Patrick H., 15, 16, 
Calhoun, Patrick L., 30. 

Calhoun, Pickens, 14. 
Calhoun, Rachel, dau. of 1st. Win-., 11. 
Calhoun, Rachel, dau. of 2d. Wm., 12. 
Calhoun, Rebecca, dau. of 1st. Ezekiel, 

4, 18. 
Calhoun, Rebecca, dau. of 2d. Wm., 12. 
Calhoun, Rebecca, dau. of 2d. Joseph, 

Calhoun, Rebecca, dau. of James Mont- 
gomery, 15. 
Calhoun, Rebecca, dau. of John Francis, 

Calhoun, Rebecca Lee, 30. 
Calhoun, Robert Adger, 18. 
Calhoun, Robert G., 28. 
Calhoun, Roland R., 17. 
Calhoun, Rosa, dau. of Patrick H., 17. 
Calhoun, Rosa, dau. of Edward, son of 

2d. Patrick, 29. 
Calhoun, Rosa, dau. of John Francis, 34. 
Calhoun, Sallie, 27. 
Calhoun, Samuel, 12. 
Calhoun, Sarah, dau. of 2d. Wm., 12. 
Calhoun, Sarah, dau. of Wm., son of 

1st Patrick, 23. 
Calhoun, Sarah Caroline, 27. 
Calhoun, Sarah L., 25. 
Calhoun, Sarah Martin, 26. 
Calhoun, Sarah Norwood, 31. 
Calhoun, Sarah Pickens, 40 
Calhoun, Susan, 33. 
Calhoun, Susan Wilkinson, dau. of 1st. 

James Martin, 25. 
Calhoun, Susan Wilkinson, dau. of An- 
drew, son of 1st James Martin, 30. 
Calhoun, Tennent Lomax, 26, 
Calhoun, Tescharner, 23. 
Calhoun, Thomas, of Augusta Co., Va., 

Calhoun, Thomas, son of Wm., son of 

1st. Patrick, 23, 27. 
Calhoun Thomas, son of 1st. James 

Lawrence, 27. 
Calhoun, Thomas, son of 1st, Ludlow, 

Calhoun, Thomas Jones, 30. 
Calhoun, Thomas Smith, 13. 
Calhoun, Tredwell Ayers, 31. 
Calhoun, Virginia, dau. of Ezekiel, son 

of 2d. Wm., 14 
Calhoun, Virginia, dau. of Williamson 

Norwood, 31. 
Calhoun, Waring Parker, 18. 
Calhoun, William, 1 (4), 2 (2), 3, 4, 5, 

6, 9, 10, 13, 26; journal of, 10. 
Calhoun, William, son of above, 11, 12. 
Calhoun, William, son of 1st. Patrick, 

22, 23. 
Calhoun, William, son of Joseph (1750- 

1817), 12, 



Calhoun, William, son of Ezekiel, son 

of 1st. Wm., 13. 
Calhoun, William, son of Thomas, son 

of Wm., son of 1st. Patrick, 27. 
Calhoun, William Dabney, 16. 
Calhoun. William Goodwin, 17. 
Calhoun, William Henry, 23, 26. 
Calhoun, William Henry, son of above, 

27, 32. 
Calhoun, William Joseph, 15, 17, 
Calhoun, William Joseph, son of above, 

Calhoun, William Lowndes, son of 

James Montgomery, 14, 16, 
Calhoun, William Lowndes, son of 

above, 16 
Calhoun, William Lowndes, son of John 

Caldwell (1782-1850), 25, 28. 
Calhoun, William Lowndes, son of 

above, 29. 
Calhoun, William P., 12. 
Calhoun, William Patrick, 26. 
Calhoun, William Sayre, 16. 
Calhoun, Williamson Norwood, 26, 31. 
Calhoun's Mills, 13. ^ 

Qarr 18. 

Casey, Gen. Levi, 11 (2), 12. 

Central Railroad and Banking Company 

of Georgia, 33. 
Chappell, Miss, 28. 
Charles Town (Charleston from 1783) , 

5, 18, 19. 
Charleston, 9, 19, 23, 24, 32. 

Charleston Courier, 12,20 (3), 25,28, 

Charleston Morning Post and Daily 
Advertiser, The, 19 (2). 

Cherokee Country, 10. 

Cherokee Indians, 5-9, 10, 11. 

City Gazette or The Daily Advertiser, 
The, 9, 10. 

Clemson, Mrs. Anna (Calhoun), 32. 

Clemson, Thomas G., 24, 

Cleveland, Ohio, 23. 

Cloud, Margaret, 28. 

Colcock, Mai North, 31. 

Cole, Ida, 16, 

Colhoun, Benjamin, 20. 

Colhoun, Caroline 20. 

Colhoun, Edward Boiseau, 21(2). 

Colhoun, Florence, 21. 

Colhoun, Mrs, Floride (Bonneau), 20. 

Colhoun, Floride Bonneau, dau. of John 
Ewing (1750-1802), 20, 24. 

Colhoun, Floride Bonneau, dau. of Ed- 
ward Boiseau, 21. 

Colhoun, Henry Davis, 21. 

Colhoun, James Edward (1798-1889) , 20, 
21. I 

Colhoun, John Ewing (1750-1802), 4 (2), 
18, 18-20, 24; autograph of, 19. 

Colhoun, John Ewing, son of above, 20 

Colhoun, John Ewing, son of above, 20. 

Colhoun, John Ewing, brother of above, 

Colhoun, Mrs. Martha Maria (Davis), 

Colhoun, Martha Maria, 20. 

Colhoun, Martha Maria, niece of above, 

Colhoun, Sarah, 23. 

Colhoun, Sarah Louise, 21. 

Colhoun, Susan, 21. 

Colhoun, Warren Davis, 21. 

Colhoun, William Ransom, 20. 

Colhoun. William Sheridan, 20. 

Colhoun, Willie Norwood, 21. 

Columbia, 10, 13, 27. 

Commissioners of Forfeited Estates, 19. 

Commons House of Assembly, 9. 

Confederate States, war between 
United States and, 21. 

Congress, Provincial of S. C, 9. 

Congress of U. S., 11, 12, 19, 24, 32. 

Connecticut, 23. 

Connelly, Silas, 16. 

Continental Establishment, South Car- 
olina Line, 22. 

Cotton Exposition, Louisville, Ky., 32. 

County Court, 9. 

Courier, Charleston, 12, 20 (3) , 25, 28, 29. 

Coussins, Oliver, 14. 

Cove, the, Va., 2. 

Craighead, Miss, 22. 

Craighead, Rev. Alexander, 21, 22. 

Cross, Sarah Ann, 15. 

Dabney, Emma Elizabeth, 14. 

Dalton, Ga., 33. 

Darricott, Frances, 13. 

Davis, Martha Maria, 20 (2). 

Davis, Thomas, 13. 

Davis, Capt. William Ransom, 20. 
.DeBruhl, Marshall P., '|0. ,_. 

de Graff enreid, Catherme Jenna, 23. 

de Graffenreid, Dr. Tescharner, 23. 

Demopolis, Ala., 32. 

Devine, Dr., 16. 

Dickinson, Rev. Mr., 20. 

Drayton, Capt. Charles, 19. 

Drayton, Gov. John, 23. 

DuBose, Dr. Miles, 15. 

DuPre, Daniel, 15. 

Duncan, James, 27. 

Eagle Bottom, Va., 1. 

East 88th street, New York City, 33. 

Edgefield, 26. 

Education (schools, teachers, etc.), 22, 
23, 32. 



Erie, Pa., 17. 

Euclid Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, 33. 

Eufaula, Ala., 31. 

Ewing, Jane, 18. 

Florida, 28. 

Fort Hill, 33. 

Fort Moore, 6. 

Fort Prince George, 6. 

Fort Sumter, 32. 

France, Secretary of U. S. Legation in, 

20; special ambassador of S. A. R. 

to, 32. 
Fuller, Frances S., 16. 
Gazette, The South-Carolina, 5, 6 (2), 

9, 21. 
Gazette and Public Advertiser, The 

South-Carolina, 19. 
Gazette of the State of South-Carolina, 

The, 19. 
Gazette, or The Daily Advertiser, The 

City, 9, 10. 
General Assembly, 9 (3). 
Georgia, 5 (2), 12, 16 (2), 30, 33 (2); 

Central Railroad and Banking Com- 
pany of, 33. 
Gibert, Sallie P., 32. 
Goodman, Jacob, 2. 
Goodwin, Peter, 15. 
Goodwin, SalHe, 17. 
Goodwyn, Julia, 27. 
Governor, 19 (2), 20, 23, 24; 
Graham, Mary, 31. 
Granville County, 3-4, 4, 9. 
Graves, George C., 30. 
Green, Hon. Duff, 28. 
Green, Margaret, 28. 
Greenville, 23. 
Greenwood, 8, 15. 

Gulf States Historical Magazine, The, 3. 
Habersham Family, A History and 

Genealogy of the, 20, 21. 
Hamilton, Andrew, 9, 12. 
Hamilton, Frances, 12. 
Hankinson, Ida, 30. 
Harlan, William Hunter, 15. 
Harlow, Rev. Mr., 28. 
Harper, Henry, 27. 
Harper, Dr. Robert, 27. 
Harris, Handy, 12. 
Haskell, L. C, 34. 
Hayne, Robert Y., 24. 
Hay's Creek, Va., 3. 
Heard, George Erskine, 26. 
Height, Caro, 16. 
Historical and Genealogical Magazine, 

The South Carolina, 5, 19, 20 (2). 
Historical Magazine, The Gulf States, 3. 
Historical Manuscripts Commission, 

American Historical Association, 

Fourth Annual Report of, 22, 24. 

History and Genealogy of the Haber- 
sham Family, A (ISulloch), 20, 21. 

History of South Carolina in the Revo- 
lution, McCrady's, 11. 

History of Upper South Carolina, The 
(Logan), 15. 

Holt, James, 12. 

House of Representatives, 9, 11, 19, 23. 

Huger, Judge Daniel Elliott, 24. 

Hunter, Mary, 27. 

Hutton, General, 11. 

Indians, 5-9, 10, 11. 

James River, Va., 3. 

Johnson, Kitty, 13. 

Johnson, Hon. Richard M., 32. 

Jones, George, 27. 

Jones, Laura, 30. 

Justices of the Peace, 9, 10. 

Keowee, 20. 

Kirdand, Blandina M., 31. 

Land records, 4. 

LeRoy, James, 14. 

Lee, Florence 0., 30. 

Lee, Floride, 32. 

Lee, Frances E., 30. 

Lee, Julia Emma P., 30. 

Leigh, Egerton, 4. 

Lincoln, James, 9. 

Link, Wm. David, 17. 

Litchfield, Conn., 23. 

Litchfield Law School, 23. 

Logan, Dr. John H., 15. 

Lomax, Wm. J., 26. 

Long, Agnes, 10. 

Long Cane Creek, 3, 4, 8, 9; settlement 
on, 4, 5, 6, 21; massacre of settlers 
on, 5-8, 10 (3) ; stones to the memory 
of the victims of the Indian massacre 
of the settlers on, 7-8. 

Loomis, V. B., 16. 

Louise Home, Washington, D. C, 11. 

Louisville, Ky., 32. 

Love, William, 11. 

Lucas's Battalion, 21. 

Lundy's Lane, battle of, 13. 

Malbone, Capt, 20. 

Manning, Gov. John L. , 20. 

Marriage Notices in TJie South-Carolina 
Gazette and Its Successors, 19. 

Marshall, Dr. J. W., 14. 

Martin, Dr., 14 (2). 

Martin, Dr. James, 22. 

Martin, Sarah Caldwell, 22 (2). 

Massachusetts, 13. 

Massey, Nathan, 12. 

Mathews. Isaac, 10. 

Ma thews, J. H., 15. 

Mays, S. B., 29. 

McCall, James, 2, 

McCall, Capt. James, 11. 



McCrady, Gen. Edward, History of 
South Carolina in the Revolution by, 

McDougald, , 15. 

McKelvey, James, 12. 

Meadow Run, Va., 2. 

Meek, Margaret, 27. 

Middleton, Frances, 29. 

Middleton, Robert, 29. 

Militia, 6, 11, 18. 

Miller, Robert, 2. 

Millwee, Dr., 8. 

Millwood, 21. 

Mississippi, 27 (2), 31, 32. 

Mississippi River, 32. 

Missouri, 33. 

Mobile, Ala., 15. 

Monroe, President, 24. 

Montgomery, Hugh, 4. 

Moore, Miss, 27. 

Moore, Fanny, 30. 

Moore, Fort, 6. 

Morgan, R., 16. 

Morning Post and Daily Advertiser, 
The Charleston, 19 (2). 

Moseley, Charlotte, 15. 

Moseley, Martha, 11 (3). 

Mt. Carmel, 13. 

Nelson, Emily, 17. 

New Orleans, La., 32. 

New River, Va., 1, 2, 3. 

New York, N. Y., 33. 

Newberry County, 22. 

Newberry District, O'Neall's Annals 
of, 22. 

Newnan, Ga., 16. 

Newport, R. I., 20 (2). 

Newspapers, 5, 6, 9 (2), 10, 11, 12, 19 
(4), 20, 21, 22. 

Ninety Six, 5. 

Nmety Six District, 9 (3), 13. 

Noble, Alexander, 5, 18. 

Noble, Alexander, later generation, 25. 

Noble, Ezekiel Pickens, 23. 

Noble, John, 2, 3, 18. 

Noble, Mrs. Mary (Calhoun), 2, 3, 18. 

Noble, Rebecca, 33. 

Norris, Patrick, 11. 

Norris, Robert, 5. 

Norwood, Sarah C, 21. 

Norwood, Sarah Mornin, 26. 

O'Farrell, Alonzo H., 26. 

Ohio, 33. 

Oliver, Mary, 16. 

O'Neall, John Beltc":;, Annals of New- 
berry District by, 22. 

Ordinance of Secession, 26. 

Orr, Jane, 26. 

Parker, Dr. Edwin, 23. 
Parker, Dr. John W., 13. 

Patterson's Bridge, 8. 

Patton, James, 1 (2), 2; suit of against 
James Calhoun, 2-3. 

Pendleton, 24, 25, 32, 33, 

Pendleton District, 19. 

Pennsylvania, 17. 

Perrin, Wm., 12. 

Peterman, JuHa, 28. 

Philadelphia, Pa., 31. 

Phinizy, Lulie, 18. 

Pickens, Andrew, 18. - 

Pickens, Andrew, son of above, 20. 

Pickens, Susan, 25. 

Pickens District, 20. 

Pinckney, G. M., Life of John C. Cal- 
houn by, 24. 

Pittsburgh, Pa., 33. 

Poage, John, 4. 

Poage, Thomas, 4. 

Presidency of U. S., 24. 

Price, Aaron, 5. 

Prince George, Fort, 6. 

Prince William's Parish, 3, 9. 

Privy Council, 19 (2) . 

Provincial Congress, first, 9; second, 9. 

Provincial Government, 9. 

Publications of the Southern History 
Association, 10. 

Putnam, B. A., 28. 

Putnam, Kate Kirby, 28 (2) . 

Rangers, 6, 9. 

Read, Jacob, 19. 

Reed, Susan, 32. j 

Reed Creek, Va., 1 (4), ^, 4 (2). 

Regiment, 1st. S. C. Regular Artillery, 

Rhett, Lieut. Col. Alfri/d, 21. 

Revolution, 18, 19 {2) ; History of South 
Carolina in the, 11. ' 

Richmond, Va., 21; burning of Richmond 
Theatre in, 13. 

Roanoke River, Va., '1 (2), 3. 

Rucker, Alexander iR,., 26. 

Salley, A. S. Jr., 1, 19. 

Saluda River, 2. 

San Francisco, Cal.,i33. 

Sayre, Mary E. , 16. t > 

Secession, Ordinances of, 26. 

Secretary of State, 4\ 


Secretary of State, oA U; S., 24. 

Secretary of War, of fU. S., 24 

Selma, Ala., 31. 

Seminole War, 12. 

Senate, 10, 11. 

Shiver, Robert, 34. 

Shoen, Allen McLee, ji. ' ^ . 

Simkins, Maria, 21. 

Simonds, Andrew, 26. 

Simonds, Dr. Joseph Webb,, 13, 26. 

Slaughter, Robert, 1. '">• 



Smith, John, 2. 

South, the, 33. 

South-Carolina, The Gazette of the 

State of, 19. 
South Carolina College, 32. 
South-Carolina Gazette, The, 5, 9, 21; 

Marriage Notices in, 19. 
South- Carolina Gazette and Public Ad- 
vertiser, 19. 
South Carolina Historical and Genea- 
logical Magazine, The, 5, 19, 20 (2). 
South Carolina Line, Continental Es- 
tablishment, 22. 
Southern History Association, Pub- 
lications of, 10. 
Speed, John, 12. 
Speed, Sarah, 14. 
St. Augustine, Fla., 28 (2). 
St. John's Parish, Berkeley, 19. 
St. Louis, Mo., 33. 

St. Paul's Churchyard, Pendleton, 24. 
Starke, Wm. Pinkney, sketch of John 

C. Calhoun by, 22. 
Staunton, Va., 1. 
Steadman, John, 18. 
Street railways, 33. 
Sumter, 31. 
Sumter, Fort, 32. 
Surveyor-General, 4. 
Tankerslev, John T., 27. 
laylor, L." T., 27. 
Teajrue, Margaret, 29. 

Temp'.^ton, , 16. 

Tennent, Dr. Wm. P., 25. 

Texas, 29, 31, 32, 34. 

Thalian Academy, 32. 

Tillman, Edward, 13. 

Tillman, Sallie, 34. 

Times, The, 19, 22. 

Tobler, Capt. Ui ick, 6 (2). 

Tonnyhill, Rebecca., 12. 

Townes, Dr. Henry, 23. 

Trinity Church, St'. Augustine, Fla., 28. 

Troy, 8 (2). 
Tucker, Josie, 34. 
Turpin, Annie, 17. 
Union, 31. 

United States, 19, 24; war between the 
Confederate States and, 21; army of, 
13, 25; navy of, 21. 
United States Senator, 19, 24. 
Up-Country, 5, 9. 
Upper Country oj South Carolina, The 

History of, 15. 
Van Devander, H. N., 16. 
Vance, Jacob, 2. 
Vance, John, 2 (2). 
Verdier, Jane, 27. 
Vice-President of U. S., 24, 32. 
Vienna, 13, 22, 25. 
Virginia, 1 (2), 4 (3), 11; Council of, 1 

(3), 2; General Court of, 3 (2). 
Waddel, Rev. Moses, D. D., 11 (2), 13 

(2), 22 (2), 23. 
Wade, William T., 25. 
Waring, Mr., 20. 
Washington, D. C, 11 (2), 13, 24, 28, 

Washington County, Texas, 31. 
Wellborn, Lucy, 14. 
Wellborn, Susan, 16. 
West End Avenue, New York City, 33. 
West Point (U. S. Mil. Acdy.), 20. 
Whitehorn, Mr., 20. 
William and Henry, 20. 
Williams, Miss, 33. 
Williams, Geo. W., 33. 
Williams, John S., 14. 
Wilson, John, 5. 
Winston, Clifford, 32. 
Winter, John G., 27. 
Wood's River, Va., 2. 
Yale College, 23. 
Yarborough, Miss, 25. 
Yarborough, Edward, 30. 
Zeigler, Mamie, 18. 

CS 71 



The Calhoun 
family of 



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